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Weapons of Mass Distraction

22 September 1975
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A region of high atmospheric pressure; anticyclones are commonly referred to as “highs.” The pressure gradient, or change between the core of the anticyclone and its surroundings, combined with the Coriolis effect, causes air to circulate about the core in a clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and a counterclockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere. Anticyclones are generally characterized by few clouds and low humidity.

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I think it would be nice if, in addition to a list of interests, you could have a list of things you dislike. Pet peeves, turn-offs, stuff you wish would go away and leave you alone.

Disinterests:  37: actors, anime, arrogance, backwards ampersands, bacon, beige carpet, carbonated beverages, cigarettes, comic sans, conspicuous consumption, cool cars, cute things, disney, fabric softener, fad diets, fast food, fingernail polish, grrls, illiteracy, indifference, loud noise, margarine, movie soundtracks, muzak, obliviousness, pink, plastic toys, politics, ragweed pollen, role-playing games, smoking, stupidity, suntans, television, unrequited love, video games, violence

DISCLAIMER: The above list is in alphabetical order, and list position does not necessarily reflect depth of dislike. At this particular instant, the thing I most dislike is links that open in new windows, but this is subject to change without notice.

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No one cares about my crummy music: